Become a better Photographer

Learn to shoot like a Pro
Photographic courses and lessons, one to one tutoring and group classes.

Develop your skills and learn new techniques

Learn about composition, foreground interest, camera and lens choices and low light photography.
Landscape Photography
Creative Photography
Understand how to approach street photography, create a story and master reportage techniques.
Street Photography
Editorial photography
I can help you understand how to shoot HDR photos, photo stitching and focus stacking techniques.
Specialised techniques
HDR, Panormas etc.
Learn how to shoot with strobe lights in the studio, natural light on location and what equipment to use.
Portrait Photography
Studio & Location

Grow Your


From camera settings to advanced techniques just get in touch for more information

From lessons for beginners to advanced lessons in technique and creativity I can help.

I am Stephen Shepherd a professional photographer based in Gloucestershire and I provide a full range of photography training services to educate, inspire and help you to develop your photography skills.

You can enjoy a photography course made up of evening and weekend photography classes on location or I can tailor lessons to your specific needs  e.g. a field-based outdoor landscape photography workshop or a personalised lesson in a class room style.

Stephen provides private photography lessons on a one to one basis for those who require a personalised approach, or group lessons for you and your friends, your club and workshop groups. 

Jay Harley Chef

How to get the best from any job and create a portfolio of photos while under pressure.

Winter landscape photography

Learn how to see in monochrome and make the most of those grey days by utilising your post production techniques.

Night photography in the city

Night photography in the city is a great place to perfect your in camera exposure techniques.

Own a bit of NASA history

Original NASA moon landing video tapes to be sold at auction.

First Impressions on...

Using the Fuji XT3 on a recent location shoot.

Using high ISO in low light

Use high ISO settings creatively and expand your ability to shoot in extreme conditions.

Panoramic photography

Panoramic photography using multiple exposures combined into single HDR, High Dynamic range photographs and stitched together in PtGui

Lessons and group classes tailored to your needs.

With over 25 years experience as a professional photographer I can help you to become a better photographer.
From essential camera settings to creative techniques, post production and advanced tutorials I can help
you the photographer no matter what level you are currently at.

Improve your


Photography for all levels and experience from 
understanding your camera settings to composition, 
editing and specialised techniques.

As an industry professional of many years standing I have the knowledge and experience that will let me help you. Whether you are 
beginner in photography or are more advanced I offer one to one photography tutorials and small group photography classes.

If you want to understand more about a specialised technique I run photography classes and lessons that include Panoramic photography, Image stitching, HDR, advanced composition, off camera lighting techniques, post production and I can help you archive and back up your photo collection.

Take better landscapes, portraits and more.

My photo lessons will help you become a better photographer and can be tailored to your needs. Understand more about photography in the way that suits you best.  I will demonstrate techniques so that you can apply these to your own equipment and photography. What you will get is a personalised lesson in photography. Just drop me a line detailing what it is you want to learn about.

Learn more about photography with lessons and tutorials at - Shoot like a pro.
I run photographic courses, tutorials and lessons across Gloucestershire and beyond.