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Learn about your camera settings & menus, the basics of good exposure, effects of equipment choices...
Photography for Beginners
Understand your equipment
Learn more about shutter speed & aperture settings, The exposure triangle, composition, file formats...
Impove your Photography
Lern more about photography
Unlock your creativity by applying what you have learnt to your photography making better scenario driven choices.
Explore new Techniques
Use your new skills creatively
Learn how too stitch panoramic image, create HDR photographs and many more advanced photographic techniques.
Advance your Knowledge
Learn new techniques and skills
  • Personalised photography lessons
  • Personalised photography lessons

Personalised Photography lessons and tutorials

  • My photo lessons will help you become a better photographer and can be tailored to your needs. You can choose one of my lessons from the site or you can drop me a line detailing what it is you want to learn about. Understand more about photography in the way that suits you best. I can demonstrate techniques so that you can apply these to your own equipment and photography. What you will get is a personalised lesson in photography.
    Choose a lesson or drop me a line

I offer completely flexible lessons in photography

  • I am Stephen Shepherd a professional photographer based in Gloucestershire and I provide a full range of photography training services to educate, inspire and help you to develop your photography skills. Start off with the basics, camera settings, exposure and manual mode. Get the best from your equipment you can then move forwards. I can teach you all about Panoramic photography, HDR imaging and guide you through post production techniques in Lightroom or Photoshop. Get in touch to discuss your photography lesson.
    Hands on learning and practical photography demonstrations
  • Lesson subjects to suit you
  • Lesson subjects to suit you
What can I help with ?

Photography lessons

At photoguru based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire I have all the answers to your questions. From creating a really good set of holiday 'snaps' to a better understanding of your equipment. Get in touch using the contact page.

Got a new camera ?
... need technical advice ?

Are you a bit lost with all the settings and technical information ? I can help to explain things in easy to understand ways what everything does and what settings to use. Take a look at the guides to get you for some handy free tips.

What would you like to know more about ?

My lessons will help you with all of your photographic questions, both technical and creative.
Based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire I run photography lessons and courses.
If you need an answer to a problem or need to know how to achieve a certain result in your images then just ask. 
I will answer your technical and creative questions and help to get you the information you need. 
Start by looking around the website I am sure you will find helpful tips to improve your photography.
I can help you to improve your photography with hands on practical demonstrations and easy to understand photo lessons.
Choose your Photo Lesson
From Beginners to Advanced
Photo tuition is led by you. I will tailor the time to address your needs and develop your skills with you.
Photography Tuition
Tailored to you needs