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    A level Photography

    Are you studying A level photography and want more help? Then you've come to the right place. Creative guidance and professional help.

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    Extend your knowledge base

    Dependent on your current knowledge I can help you get the most from your course in one to one or small group classes.

  • Learn how to pre visualise and shoot for the picture you wnat

    Become more creative

    By understanding the effect of changing the ISO in relation to the shutter speed and aperture settings you will have complete control of the exposure triangle freeing your creativity.

Know your kit

To get most from your course you need to know how to get the best from your equipment.

Learn how to 'See'

Photography is not just about recording the literal, you need to eb able to 'see' in other ways

Get creative

Once you have understood the basics we can develop your own creative style.

You and your equipment

  • Photography is not about what gear you have but how you use what you do have. We will learn about the essentials of photography. Mastering techniques, pre-visualising the image and understanding how to get to the final image. I will guide you through all the key aspects of cameras, lenses and post production. Once mastered you will be free to be creative and be able to manage any scenario and produce better pictures.
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  • Getting the best from you kit
  • Getting the best from you kit
  • Pre-visualising your photographs
  • Pre-visualising your photographs

Learn how 'see' in new ways

  • What do I mean by that? Photography is not just about replicating the world around us be that a landscape or a portrait, importantly it is about bringing your own ideas and creativity to the task in hand. Seeing is the photographers job, we are trained observers. We need to see the scene in front of us and intuitively know how we want the final image to look. e.g. "Seeing" a beautiful landscape in full sun but knowing it is going to be better as a dramatic B&W photograph.
    Learn about pre-visualising your photography ...

Learn about lighting

  • In order to take control of your photography, you have to understand light and how it works. This may be ambient light on location or the use of additional portable flash lighting. The way a light is captured inside a photograph has a dramatic effect on the final image. This is why a professional photographer can shoot amazing images with any camera. They have learnt how to control light... and so will you.
    Learn how to use ambient light and portable flash equipment.
  • Photography is 'painting with light'
  • Photography is 'painting with light'
  • Helping you shoot like a pro
  • Helping you shoot like a pro

Creating a portfolio

  • A good photographic portfolio is crucial to showcasing your work. You will need to carefully select your images and consider the order these images are displayed in. With over 20 years as an industry professional I will guide you through creating a stunning portfolio of work. From managing on going projects to suggesting additional imagery to enhance your final presentation my skills will help you get the best from your course and to become a better photographer.
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A level photography courses in Gloucestershire

I run courses and turorials in photography across Gloucestershire and beyond. With the aim of bringing you on in your studies disciplines covered include:

  1. Understand Your equipment: Knowing how to use your equipment is key, I will explain camera settings in detail.

  2. Making good exposures: Good exposure techniques will give you more opportunities in post production.

  3. Pre visualisation: Becoming a good photographer requires you to 'see' in new ways .

  4. Creativity: Develop your own style and understand how to put together a portfolio of work.