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Stephen Shepherd

Professional photographer and creative

I have been a professional photographer for my whole working life.

I became interested in photography at the age of 17 and although unable to afford my own camera studied photography by reading books from the local library and then joined the photography club at college.

After a year of part time I work I returned to education and studied photography at The Berkshire College of Art & Design. 

My goal was to get to London to work for the newspapers and magazines but before that I had to earn enough for the move so I spent 12 months working at The Culham and JET research facility in Oxfordshire.

During this time I also undertook commissions for The Guardian and The Independent newspapers making the contacts I would need to work in London and in 1992 I made the move.

After visits to various picture editors showing my portfolio and undertaking freelance commissions I started to get work on a regular basis for The Daily Telegraph shooting for the Features and Editorial picture desk.

This relationship lasted for 9 years working 4 to 6 days per week.

During this time I got to shoot all manner of jobs from celebrity portraits that include George Harrison, Gordon Ramsey, John Lydon, Barbara Cartland, Tony Benn and “my” Dr Who, John Pertwee.

I also shot for all sections of the paper and magazine from editorial and politics to news and features, the weekend sections, Motoring, Life, Restaurant reviews, Travel etc.

In 2002 I moved with my family to Cirencester in Gloucestershire.

Based here I still work for the national press on a regular basis with clients that include The Guardian & Observer, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Times, The TES and many magazines.

I have also developed my business in to education and work for many Universities, Colleges and Schools shooting prospectus photography as well as corporate and business shoots, Marketing commissions and much more, you can see a sample client list below.

I am now bring these skills to you here at

If you want to learn to shoot like a pro’ and to understand more about your equipment, post production and the creative aspects of photography just get in touch and let me know what you want to learn.

Recent client list

The Guardian The University of Reading Orange The Daily Telegraph DfE The Alliance & Leicester Thames Water The Observer The Plain Picture Library Getty Images The National Star College Jaguar Landrover

Professional experience

Stephen Shepherd photographer has over 25 years of experience working in corporate and business photography, the national press, magazines, marketing, PR etc. I have been tasked to shoot everything from celebrity portraits, motoring stories, architectural work, feature stories, to Construction sites, universities and news stories.

Stock & Library Photographer

Working in the stock business I shoot creative imagery for a variety fo Libraries. This includes The Plain Picture Library, Getty, Alamy etc. My work has been used on book covers, in European magazines, for international marketing and branding in the corporate sector and in adverting for Uk companies.

With the experiences I have had as a professional photographer I can help you in your knowledge and creativity. I hold classes in photography in and around Cirencester but I can also, from my base in Gloucestershire, travel to you for a photography lesson.

Educational Photographer

Not only do I teach lessons in photography but I work as a professional educational photographer. My clients include top Universities, Colleges and Schools. I work with students of all ages including those in adult education and for corporate clients with staff training programmes. My work has seen me shooting commissions all over the country and you can view this work on my dedicated website at