Amazing Gigapixel photo of New York

Amazing Gigapixel photo of New York shot from the Empire State building a robotic camera producing more than 80,000 megapixel panoramas.

You can read more about it on the Petapixel website here New York.

The image which is “zoomable” etc. can be food here on the EarthCam Website

Although this is a massive Giga pixel image with specialist equipment you can o this with your camera.

I can help you stitch multiple images together and create fantastic panoramas.

You can even shoot HDR High Dynamic Range panoramas.

Take a look at this post by clicking here.

As starting point you will need a camera set to manual, including the focus.

A specialist tripod mount is usually essential.

However I can show the basics even without this piece of kit.

The amazing Gigapixel photo of New York is impressive however you can create equally great pictures here in the Cotswolds.

So if you want to shoot a great panoramic landscape get in touch !