An Introduction to

You can learn to shoot like a pro, start by really
understanding your camera settings then you can move open to composition, editing and specialised techniques.

Whether you need to become more technically aware or want to know how to be more creative in your photography I can help.
If you have specific requirements and want to fill that knowledge gap just drop me a line detailing what you want to know more about.

I am based for Photography lessons in Cirencester Gloucestershire and undertake courses and tuition here in The Cotswolds and across the Uk wherever you are.
Learn about your camera

Your camera will probably have hundreds of settings and a thick instruction manual. but what should you choose and why ?

ISO / Sensitivity
The 3rd element of exposure

The sensitivity of your cameras digital chip is called the ISO and can be set for different situations. ISO can be used creatively or out of necessity, learn how to make informed decisions.

Shutter Speed
Choosing a shutter speed

The right shutter speed is critical decision to be made when shooting your subject. I will guide you through then basics of shutter speed and it's effects.

File Types RAW v JPEG
Image Quality

Most modern cameras can shoot JPEG or RAW files. I will guide you through the pros and cons of each file type and what you should use them.

Lens Aperture
Selecting the right aperture

With the right aperture you can isolate your subject or get almost limitless depth of field. Learn how to control DOF and what you might choose one aperture over another

The rule of thirds

By dividing your frame into thirds, horizontally and vertically you can then place your subject within these areas creating a pleasing composition.

Know your camera


We will start off by looking at various camera settings, some essential settings you should make and why.

Tools & Resources
Learn the basic rules

Once you understand your camera and it's setting we will move on to a more involved understanding of photography.