Beginners photography tips

Beginners photography tips including composition, exposure & processing.

You need to make some critical decisions when shooting any photo.

Take for example this landscape shot at sunrise.

Firstly learn about good composition, the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds is one of the best beginners photography tips you can remember to use.

Photographic composition is key and getting a good balance in your picture requires understanding the law of thirds.

Imagine your frame is split into 9 sections. This would be two equal lines down the frame horizontally and two equally spaced Lins vertically.

Now you have 9 sections.

Take a look at some of the pictures on my creative site here for more examples.

By placing your point of interest, for example a tree in a landscape on one of these intersecting points will help create a good composition.

The composition will be pleasing to the eye.

You can place an element of interest on any of the crossing lines while keeping e.g the landscape or horizon on the upper or lower line.

However rules as we know are made to be broken.

The rule of thirds is not a set rule for every photo.

It is a starting point to help you compose your photos but don’t get too constrained by the idea.

Experiment and create your own style.

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