Travel photography

Own a bit of NASA history

15th July 2019

Original NASA moon landing video tapes to be sold at auction.


First Impressions on using the new Fuji XT3

25th June 2019

Using the Fuji XT3 on a recent location shoot.

Low light photography

Using high ISO in low light

17th June 2019

Use high ISO settings creatively and expand your ability to shoot in extreme conditions.

landscape photography

Panoramic photography

5th June 2019

Panoramic photography using multiple exposures combined into single HDR, High Dynamic range photographs and stitched together in PtGui

Travel photography

Travel photography in New York

22nd May 2019

One of the great pleasures in photography is travelling and combing your love of picture taking with seeing new sites.

Low light photography

Shooting at concerts and gigs in low light

20th April 2019

Music photography, concert and gig photography in low light.

Editorial photography

Taking Selfies

18th March 2019

Taking selfies is the modern day version of self portraiture, learn how to get the best from your phone

Creative photography

Creative flower and plant photography

12th January 2019

Creative flower and plat photography getting the best from your equipment and using post production techniques.

Editorial photography

Editorial photography at music festivals

12th November 2018

As a long standing professional editorial photographer I can help you and guide you through any scenario you may wish to photograph.