Creative photography

Creative flower and plant photography

There are some basic rules to apply when taking creative flower and plant photography.
To be creative you need to understand your equipment and post production process.
Once achieved the main rule is …. Break all the rules!
Once this is done you can be truly creative, you can pre visualise what you want to final image to look like.
This of course takes practice and maybe some guidance.
his is where I can help you.
Creative flower and plant photography can be achieved on location or in a studio environment, I like to shoot onlcaotion using what I have at the time to create the image.
A good tip is to use a shallow depth fo field.
Yes its nice to see everything in perfect focus but personally I tend to feel that the images are bit “clinical”.
Let’s assume you want to photograph a flower or plant and isolate it from the rest of the garden background.
How do you achieve this ? With a large aperture on your lens, thereby creating a shallow depth of field and blurring out the background.
The only issue with this is critical focus.
If you are shooting at f2.8 or f4 fairy close up there is little DOP.
So maybe employ a tripod and even a “plamp” this is an extending arm with a clip on the end.
A plant clamp.
This clamp can then be attached to the tripod and extends out to hold the flower still.
So now you are set up you can shoot some images.
But bear in mind what you want to see in the final image.
Do you want to carry a piece of black card to completely isolate the subject.
You should carry a piece of white reflective material to bounce light into areas you may need more light in.
Also think about your post production, its not usually the case that a spicture is finalised right at the shooting stage.
I use Adobe Ligthroom for most of my post production and apply filters and exposure techniques when processing.
This will result in an image that looks like the way you wanted to in your minds eye.

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Drop me a line if you would like to know more about creative flower and plant photography.I can help you get the most from your equipment and guide you through post prodcuction techniques.