Editorial photography

Editorial photography at music festivals

Editorial photography at music festivals is a great way to create a portfoilo of creative photography.
As with street reportage you are left to create images from what you see, you will have little control over the subject matter.
That said you cannot course ask people to pose like the 2 guys in the picture here who were only too happy to after their mud fight.
Generally you are free from the constraints of normal life.
People let their hair down at festivals.
The last thing people worry about is someone taking photographs.
So carry a small amount of gear, maybe two cameras with a different lens on each.
Keeping your eyes open is the key and as with all reportage or editorial work create a body or portfolio of images.
Everything is up for grabs and neatly contained on site for you.
Ideas to work on might include portraits, a set of pictures of food stalls, feet…. Yes feet look at what everyone is wearing.
A story is not usually illustrated by a single shot, remember you are trying to create body of work that tells a story in editorial photography.
So look down and shoot footwear, I guarantee you you will see everything from wellies to bare feet, sandals to trainers.
Maybe get down in the mud and shoot form a low perspective showing legs as well with some of the arena in the background.
Editorial photography at music festivals usually come into it’s own late in the day and into the evening.
At this stage the lights come on the sun sets and everything is then lit in multi colour.
This is the time to be creative, use stage lights to create silhouettes, and flare behind people.
Use slow shutter speeds to create atmosphere and movement of the crowds.
And have fun, youare at a festival after all.

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If you would liek to learn more about creating a portfolio of editorial style photography from any scenario then get in touch using the contact page.
I can guide you through, from putting your ideas together to how to tackle your subject in a creative way.