First Impressions on using the new Fuji XT3

Using the New XT3 Mirrorless camera on a press shoot

First Impressions on using the new Fuji XT3… It’s great! I recently bought myself a brand new camera and a couple of lenses the new Fuji XT3.

This is my first foray into mirrorless cameras and I have to say I am very impressed. I have been used to shooting with Dslr cameras for over 10 years so it was quite a decision to make to invest in the new Fuji Kit. Never having worked with an electronic viewfinder before (EVF) it did take a bit of getting used to. After a few months though there is no going back.The WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) EVF is fantastic. Being able to literlaly see in real time your exposure makes shooting a lot easier. Ok I know it’s not much of an issue taking the camera from your eye looking at the back of a Dslr screen then going back to shooting…. but…. it does mean you can view everything through the viewfinder. This helps in quickly checking exposure and composition of the last few frames without having to move anything. The XT3 has fantastic capabilities over and above the EVF such as up to 30fps (in electronic shutter mode) and it is relatively small and light  it can also shoot 4k video that looks amazing. I used it on this shoot for The Daily Telegraph recently at Badminton horse trials. This shot was under some trees in light shade.I have found that the latitude in the digital files is very good. The horse was a bit nervy and I could not (as I might normally have done) use some off camera flash for a fill light. The Fuji XT3 files were more than capable of delivering good shadow and reduced highlights in the background without the need for fill flash. So my First Impressions on using the new Fuji XT3 means that over time I will probably invest in this kit as I gradually transfer from Dslr to mirrorless. It also means that i can now offer to hep you with any Mirrorless camera questions you may have.