• Start at the beginning and be abetter photographer

    Introductory lesson in photography

    Making decisions about exposure and camera settings is key to becoming a better photographer

  • What is the perfect exposure ?

    Learn how to control your exposures

    A good exposure means that you will have 'exposed' the photograph perfectly for the key elements.

  • Take better pictures with greater understanding

    Be more creative

    Understanding the technical aspect of your camera will then enable you to be more creative. You will be able to make decisions based on what you want your final picture to look like.

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About the lesson and what you will learn

#1 - Introductory lesson

  • Get to know your camera
  • Understand menu choices
  • Manual Mode guidance
  • Effects of camera and lens settings
  • Use your knowledge creatively 
  • Work smarter



Once you have decided on your lesson, just email me or call me using the details on the contact page. Please state which lesson you want to take. We can then arrange a suitable time and place to meet.



I will confirm your booking once payment has been made by PayPal. I will send details in my return email. Once the fee is transferred you are set to go.



I can come to you for the lesson, or we can arrange a suitable location. I will bring my laptop and appropriate equipment to demonstrate by example.