• I offer a completely flexible tutorial service

    Photography tutorials and lessons

    Whether you want to improve your landscape photography or learn how to take a better portrait I can help. I offer technical advice as well as running workshops on how to improve your creativity

  • Modern cameras can do a lot for you but taking control of your equipment is key

    Learn the basics

    Once you have mastered the basics including setting up your camera properly and what shooting mode to choose you Will improve your photography.

  • As you learn more about your equipment you will take better pictures

    Experiment with your equipment

    For most people photography is a great hobby. This means you should give over time to learn about what your equipment can do, not just point and shoot.

Tutorials & Lessons

Whether you want to learn more about the technical side of photography or the more creative aspects of photography I can help you with a one to one tutorial.

The Basics

I can guide you through the essential points you need to understand so that you can go out and shoot better pictures. From creative techniques to better post production.


Modern digital cameras allow you to experiment like never before. You can test and shoot as many pictures as you like on your storage cards. This is the best way to improve your work.

Tutorials and lessons

  • I am in your hands, you can book on to a lesson, a specific tutorial or opt for a one to one tutorial about any aspect of photography. Being a professional photographer with over 20 years experience I want to help you to become a better photographer and shoot like a pro'. Drop me a line and tell me about what you want to learn more about and I will tailor a session to your needs.
  • Choose your workshop, tutorial or ask for more details
  • Choose your workshop, tutorial or ask for more details
  • Brush up on your camera skills
  • Brush up on your camera skills

Learn the basics

  • Have you ever wondered why your pictures don't turn out the way you saw them in your minds eye? Well there are some simple rules that you need to learn and apply to your photography. For example, ever heard of the "Rule of thirds" ? Placing your subject in a section of the frame when divided into thirds usually creates a more pleasing composition. In my one to one or group sessions I can explain how you can take better pictures by applying these and other rules to any situation.

Use your equipment

  • What do I mean by this ? Most people get an all singing all dancing camera and then just shoot on auto settings but your equipment is capable of much more than this. Did you know that you could shoot 3 separate images and combine them to make an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image. Or that by choosing to shoot in B&W you are in fact limiting your options. If you always shoot in colour you can then create a B&W image in the future but you can't go the other way !
    Take control of your camera
  • Make the best of use of your equipment