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Camera Settings


Camera settings, learn how to use your equipment with technical help from selecting the right file to shoot getting off auto settings and more.

It's a fact, a lot of people who own cameras do not know how they really work as there are so many settings.

You might say, "I don't know how my car works but I can drive it" and that is true but more knowledge about your camera and lenses will enable you to become a better photographer.

The first thing to do when setting up your camera is to go through the camera menus. Digital cameras have a myriad of settings but there are some important settings to get right from the start, the most important of all:

Set "Shoot without card" to OFF !

Imagine coming back from holiday and not realising you have no card in the camera, without this setting you can shoot all day with no card, therefore no pictures !

Image quality should be the next setting to decide on. Modern cameras usually offer a variety of .jpg sizes from small to large, low to high. More advanced cameras will also offer a RAW file setting.

In my opinion with the cost of camera cards being relatively cheap these days you should shoot at the highest possible file size.

This way when you come to post production you have more information in the image file to play with. It also means that you have an archive of photographs that can be used from web to print, If you only shoot small files you may find they are only suitable for the screen and will not make a good print for your wall.

Choosing an auto setting or mode to shoot in can seem like the easy option, after all the camera does it all for you dosen't it ?
Well it can do but getting off of auto settings and using your camera in manual mode gives you so much more control of your picture taking.

Remember your cameras meter only sees a mid grey and averages out the exposure so if you are working in a dark location or a very bright beach for example it will give you a mid grey exposure.

Understanding manual mode allows you to take control of the camera to achieve better images.

If you want to learn more about correct settings then drop me a line and I can organise a one to one session to get your camera set up correctly.


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