Christmas tree project

Creating a portfolio of work does not have to be a big world travelling project. Quite often you need to look closer to home and really observe the world around you.
I love this quote from the greta photographer Jeff Jacobson,
" I never start off with anode in mind, Start taking pictures and the pictures tell me what it is... When I'm in it, especially toward the beginning I never spend a lot of time thinking about it trying to analyse it because it kills it for me".
This to me is the best starting pit for any project, get out and start taking pictures. You don't have to have a grand idea or a world changing project in mind, you just have to start taking pictures.
This is exactly the way I started the Christmas tree project.
Wandering through town one evening I was rather aimlessly taking a picture fo a Christmas tree reflected in a shop window, as I moved on I realised that every shop had its own tree. Personalised and decorated they were some how representative of the diversity in what people think is beautiful.
So of course once I was looking a project started to develop, I shot many trees that night and returned for another night in town the following day.