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Flower photography

Flower photography and creative plant photography.
When you are photographing flowers it's time to throw away the rule book.
Flowers are inherently beautiful and you can add to the beauty of the flower in your image.
OK maybe not throw away the book straight away but once you have mastered a few thechniques then throw it out.
I use variety of techniques in camera and in most production in my flower photography.

Have you ever wondered way you shots do not look like they did in your minds eye at the shooting stage?
Consider this, to create a beautiful image you need to pre visualise what you want the end result to look like.

I can help you to achieve the results you are after on one of my courses, I can tell you about depth fo field, soft focus and importantly post production.
Some of the photographs you see here have been shot with the lens removed from the camera.
I take the lens off of the camera and hold it in front of the sensor when making the exposure.
This causes light to eb alert leks in through the gap creating flare and light patterns across the sensor.
Sometime the resulting image looks incredibly flat or too soft.
This is where you bring in your post production techniques.
I work almost exclusively in Adobe Ligthroom. 
Here I adjust contract, white and black point s and colour saturation amongst other settings.
Slowly drawing out the information in the RAW camera file to give me the look I want.
Let me show you who to achieve results like this, drop me a line and book on to a tutorial or short course and learn more about flower photography.

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