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Portrait photography

Portrait photography on location, on the street and in the studio requires the photographer to be able to mange people. A great skill as sometimes you may see someone you want to shoot a portrait of on the street, the photographer has to eb able to approach the person explain the project and shoot a picture as soon as possible as the "sitter" will normally want to move on pretty quickly.
On the flip side the studio set up allows more time. however that time is not always an advantage, the photographer still needs to be able to work quickly and efficiently as the subject may get bored and the opportunity is lost.
My creative portraiture work has include subjects from celebrities, authors, politicians too portraits of real people in the work place for corporate, industrial and business clients and of course own the street.
I can help you gain a variety of specific skills that will see you shooting great portraits.
We will look at lighting, composition and post production all important elements that combined will start you on your creative journey.

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Portrait photography


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