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Press Photography

Would you like to learn about working for the press ? I have worked with the national press and magazines for over 20 years and commissions range from celebrity portraits to editorial stories. Press photography has equipped me with the ability to turn my hand to any situation at the short notice.
Over the years I have worked for all of the UK national news titles including The Daily Telegrpah, The Observer, The Guardian, The Times, etc.
The commissions have ranged from shooting celebrity portraits on location to covering news events and illustrating feature stories.
I have met George Harrison, John Lydon, Barbara Cartland and many more people from all walks of life including business managers, sports personalities, MP's, Royalty and people who work across the country in all fields of life.
As a press photographer living in London I travelled the world and needed to maintain the highest standards of work.
One day you might be shooting a feature story about a private car collection in Surrey and the next day on a plane to Greece to shoot an open air theatre production at The Acropolis.
Digital technology has made a huge difference to the press photographer.
in the old days we needed to shoot film and get it couriered to London for deadline or put the package on a train. these days of course I can send images straight from the field after a shoot delivering photography to pictured desks only 15 or 20 minutes after it has been shot.
Here you can view a selection of my press work and understand the diversity of styles and abilities you need to be able to turn your hand to as a press photographer.
Get in touch if this line of tuition appeals to you, I can help you on your way.

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Press Photography

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