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The Urban Landscape

The Urban Landscape, street photography design and composition using the built environment, natural light and shadow to create iconic imagery.
Whether in a big city, somewhere exotic or in your own town the urban landscape is full of photographic possibilities.
Light and shadow are key to this discipline, the most innocuous of locations given the right light can be a treasure trove of images. Consider all angles, not just eye level. Looking up in a city with sky, overhead skyscrapers and reflections can create abstract images with the emphasis on composition.
Try shooting through windows where you might capture the inside and the outside environment at the same time. Good or bad weather, it does not matter. I believe that what one is trying to create in the urban landscape are almost still life images. Still life shots capturing a moment on that street.
A portfolio can be created if you can return to the same location, long term projects shooting the sam shot in different seasons, at different times of the day and of course at night.
Night time changes the urban environment into another scene entirely. Street lights, passing vehicles and slow shutter speeds paint a new layer on to a familiar location.

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Stephen Shepherd