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Travel photography

Travel Photography creative reportage photography of people, places and locations creating a memorable holiday and travel portfolio.
Travel photography comes in all shapes and sizes but in essence needs to convey the location, scene and people to the viewer in a creative way.
This can include the grand vista, more detailed landscape and interpretive location photography.
The travel photography discipline requires the photographer to go beyond the standard shot of the same place that hundreds have shot before and think more about how to make it different, individual, iconic.
Remember it's not just the destination it's the glory fo the ride.
Travel photography or more accurately creating a story from your travelling starts at home. the journey is as much a part of the imagery you can create as the final destination. Consider shooting from plane windows, the view from the taxi as you transfer to your location and maybe a quick portrait of the taxi driver to add colour to your set of images.
I can help you take better travel pictures. We will discuss how to be more creative, how to be ready to snap that passing "image" and how to pre visualise what it is you want to achieve.
Travel photography is often associated with inter continental travel but of course if you interpret it literally it could mean just a walk in to town ? Could you create 4 or 5 images from your local environment ?
On a local walk together I can help point out what I would shoot in your own street !

Travel Photography

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