Privacy Notice

As a sole trader I have very simple needs with regard to the collection and storage of information / data.
I only collect information / data for the purposes of administering my business with clients.

This may include email addresses, phone numbers and location address.

When a client or prospective client makes a request for information through the contact page on my website, phone call or verbally their email and other information will be retained.

I will file the contact information for future use to enable me to send the enquirer the information they have requested.

This information will be retained and added to the photographers mailing list such that contact can be made with further information, offers etc. in connection with the photographer’s business.

I do not hold any other information on individuals other than what is freely given by contact through my website, by phone or in the case of direct contact, verbally.

No new personal information is gathered or created other than what is freely given.

This information is held on computer files (address book, databases etc.) so as to aid my business working with the client.

I do not hold any information with regard to personal or business bank accounts belonging to clients or third parties unless freely given by the client.

I do not sell on information to third parties.

Information may be retained in photographic metadata for example if processing client images from an event to be able to identify and link images to clients.

The only information retained in this operation is the email address, the phone number and the name unless the enquirer freely adds and sends further information. I do not collect or store browsing data and information locally.

On occasions clients may be involved in the photography as a model for demonstration purposes. In the case that the photographer Stephen Shepherd is the author of these images a client cannot request that photographs are deleted as the images are the © copyright of the photographer and / or the photographer’s estate.

The photographer / photographer’s estate retains the © in the images for up to 70 years after the photographers death.
Clients may request that their name/s are removed from the photographer’s mailing list.
If a client wishes to have data removed email with the information that is required to enable me to identify the client and remove any personal information.