Setting up your camera

Setting up your camera is the first thing everyone should do. With complicated menus it is essential to get a few things right to ensure you get the most from your equipment.

For example make sure you have set your camera not to “Shoot with no card” ! Otherwise your holiday pictures will be lost forever.

Image quality is subjective but there are some important decisions to make before you start shooting. Learn how to make the right creative choices to achieve the look you want. Are you shooting RAW files, you should be if you are serious about your photography.

Raw files contain all the digital information your equipment can record unlike JPG files that will “throw away” digital information it decides is unnecessary.

Modern cameras offer many shooting modes, but which one to pick for any given situation is not as easy as it sounds. Learn about the the best camera modes for your subject.

The main thing you should be doing is learning how to shoot in manual mode. Auto settings are fine but manual mode will give you ultimate control of photography.