Introductory lessons in photography are designed to get you started. <br /><br />If you have just got a new camera or already have a camera but are not sure what settings to use this is the course for you. <br /><br />The 3 sections of the introductory lessons in photography will start by explaining camera menus. <br /><br />There are some essential settings to make in your menu's choices noblest of which is to select NOT to shoot without card. <br /><br />Without this set to off you could shoot a hole project or family holiday and find there is no card in the camera! <br /><br />Moving through the course I will start to explain what the cameras Auto Settings can do for you. <br /><br />There are many settings but really only a few of these are useful. <br /><br />Once you have understood the basic settings we will discuss using Manual Mode. <br /><br />Manual Mode will free you up to make more creative decisions. You will have understood the effect of Shutter Speed, Aperture and also the ISO. <br /><br />ISO is the Sensitivity of the chip, in the old days the film speed or ASA.Combining all three of these settings gives there exposure in the photograph.<br /><br />The next step of the course is to understand more about exposure.<br /><br />Again once mastered you will be able to be more creative in your picture taking.<br /><br />From understanding how the meter in your camera works to selecting the right settings for any scenario you will become a better photographer.<br /><br />Book onto the course and I will help to guide you through.<br /><br />The technical side of photography and the creative aspects.


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