Travel photography

Travel photography in New York

Travel photography in New York could not be easier, at least for me as I have not visited the city very much.
Everywhere you look there are new scenes to shoot.
I think the art in travel photohgraphy is being aware all of the time adnd creating a visual diary.
From small details such as signs to wide cityscapes New York provides endless material.
But capturing a portfolio of work that describes your visit to any destination can be tricky.
Sometimes you are overwhelmed with the visual assault of the “new”.
Here are some tips.
First of all start to create “portfolios” in your mind. Maybe a set of images of famous buildings but shot in a different way.
Why not try shooting the buildings reflected in nearby windows thereby capturing other elements of the location I one shot.
Once you start to think like this instead of being overwhelmed you have themes to work too.
So look up and shoot the over head scene.
Start a body of photography based on transport or flags.
In these examples of Travel photography in New York the detail is as importnat as the grand view.
You will quickly find that instead of taking random shots you are building individual folios.
Each one will combine to create a full record of your visit.
One of my favourite things about any city is the hustle and bustle of life there.
So don’t get too hung up on getting the perfect shot, sometimes random people crossing in front of you can help to frame the subject…. and there you go another “idea” for a set of photographs, locations framed by the silhouette of passers by!
It can be impossible in a place like New York to capture a single image that sums up your experience.
I think most photographers would agree though that they work on sets of imagery when they are out and about.
This is the essence of street reportage, as the saying goes “It’s not the destination, It’s the glory of the ride.
So shoot lots in your visual diary.

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If you would like to learn more about shooting in cities and street reportage photograohy I can help. Let me know if you are interested in a tutorial by getting in touch via the contact page.I can tailor a workshop that will put you the path of shooting like a pro’ in any situation.