Creative photography, Low light photography

Using high ISO in low light

Using high ISO in low light can be both a creative decision or one made out of necessity but what will the results look like in the final photograph?
Generally we are trying to get the best quality image we can in photography, but what do we mean by best quality?

If the only way to shoot a scene is by using a high ISO like 3200, 6400 or above is it better to c capture the scene this way than not at all.

This is when creative decisions can come into your work while using high ISO in low light.

This image was shot at 102400 asa / ISO.

As we can see it is quite grainy or more correctly “noisy” as it was shot with a digital camera.

However bearing in mind that the landscape was practically dark and with suitable post production in Adobe Lightroom we now have a different type of image.

This image was part of a set I shot while out walking late one evening and adhere more to the genre of creative photography than anything else.

Creative photography using high ISO in low light needs the photographer to have  a vision, to pre visualise what they want in the final image.

I knew that the final result would be very grainy but this brings with it an almost painterly artistic look. Almost like pointillism as in impressionism art.

So let’s go back a step.

Out of necessity I used a very high ISO to take the photographs, knowing full well the type of image that would be produced.

I could have made a decision to use a tripod and lowered the ISO to say 400 and make a 3 minute exposure, but I didn’t have tripod.

I took the photograph because I could and with knowledge. Once you understand what all of the parameters in photograph will do to effect the image you can control your work.

Nothing is impossible, you just have to know what the result is likely to be and work with the equipment and setting that you can at any one time.