Using Manual mode, getting off AUTO settings
Learn about auto modes

There are usually many quotes modes on modern cameras, first of all we will look at the best auto modes to use.

Why manual ?
The benefits of Manual

Your cameras auto settings 'average' out shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc. But in manual mode you will make specific decisions according to your subject matter.

Manual Mode
Take control in Manual

By understanding manual mode and taking full control of your exposures you will become a better photographer

The Exposure triangle
Getting the right exposure

In manual mode you need to understand The Exposure Triangle. I will guide you through so you know how individual settings in manual effect one another.

Manual settings
Shutter and Aperture

Setting your own shutter speed and aperture allows you to make creative decisions in your picture taking.

Free your imagination

Once mastered you can start to make creative decisions about shutter speeds and aperture settings, something an AUTO setting cannot do for you.

Camera settings

Auto or Manual

Auto settings are handy and usually very good but shooting in manual mode will put you in total control.

Tools & Resources
Learn about Manual Mode

There are many advantages to shooting in manual mode, learn how to use manual mode to your advantage.